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時間:2011/10/7 晚間19:30~22:30

 「筆電即我」策劃之擂台聚是一場公開的女性數位影音表演者的聚會,設置在一個備有最尖端數位設備的拳擊擂台內。 擂台聚結合了表演與較勁,女性表演者在舞台上操作筆電影像混合,相互對壘、既競爭又合作。「筆電即我」2009春天在巴黎的Vision’R 藝術節首次展演,接下來自2009年到2010年,一年之中的四個季節裡,分別在蘇黎世、西班牙Caceras、柏林、馬德里的各大數位藝術節巡演,每一場(季)表演中,「筆電即我」在擂台上或是在網路空間中,聚集了在地以及國際的女性數位藝術表演者。2011年受到新竹百年影像藝術節的邀請,「筆電即我」特別推出以「風」主題的演出, 在數位視覺意向中演繹新竹特有的九降風。




- A woman live performers' tournament

"MEETING | REUNIÓN" at Hsinchu Centennial Imaging Art Festival 19:30 - 22:30, October 7, 2011 Hsin Chu train station Public plaza, Hsin Chu, Taiwan

LaptopsRus "MEETING | REUNIÓN" is open public meeting of women live performers set inside an electronically updated boxing ring installation. Meeting as performance, Reunion as tournament, women with laptops play with or against each other in collaborative and challenging ways. The laptop generation, each a mobile agent with own laptop, each claims her personal style while embracing interactive performance platform. Modeling after women wrestler's tournament where women fight and sweat, "MEETING | REUNIÓN" presents an innovative form of live audiovisual performance. Each round of play situates two women on the opposite ringside, surrounded by video projections, aided by DJ sound system and moderated by a Matrix Mistress (MM). With preset play order , each live performer (invited and through open call) takes her side of the ring. Play rules are communicated. The audience are encouraged to be actively involved. They decide the playtime of each performer through collective vocal expression. Not unlike break dance showoff, each performer gets her playtime while anticipating chaotic intervention. In this tournament, no winners are declared. It is free style street culture - women in fight, in love, expressing (E)motion via their laptops with pixels and codes.

Invited by Hsinchu Centennial Imaging Art Festival, LAPTOPSRUS presents a special "WIND" edition for Hsin Chu, also known as wind city. Gusts of autumn wind transmit elements of growth, vitality, energy, speed, friendship, revolution & woman power. We invite Taiwan local and international woman live performers to expand the theme "WIND" with own visual/moving image interpretation. This chance meeting of woman live performers in Hsin Chu marks LaptopsRus' premiere edition in Asian region. Bring up the wind, we celebrate Hsinchu Centennial Imaging Art Festival with our ever-growing woman live performers' network.

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